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Raptors Dominate at California State Games Qualifiers
10U and 11U went undefeated and were crowned champions despite playing against older competition

12U Took Home 3rd

All teams will be in San Diego this Summer for the California State Games!

Local Burbank Park and Recreation League crowns 3 Raptors Teams Champions
Raptors 3rd/4th - 5th/6th Gold and 7th/8th Black are headed to SCMAF

Burbank Raptors local teams achieve a repeat feat of a year ago

For the 2nd consecutive year - the Burbank Raptors will be sending 3 teams to the SCMAF - San California Municipal Athletic Federation's All-Star Tournament. Our 3rd/4th Grade, 5th/6th Grade as well at the 7th/8th Grade Division teams have all qualified. 

This tournament/event will take place during March - over the course of a week long period. Stay tuned for more information about that!

Our Burbank Raptors program, as you may or may not know - was originated directly from the Burbank Park and Recreation League. I took my middle of the pack team and placed them into a Spring League where we would play against travel teams on Sundays.

We did not do well in terms of Wins/Losses - but the exposure was there and the kids individually were definitely improving.

It drew the attention of local kids whom at the time were at the top of the totem pole in terms of basketball.

Over time we were again in the Burbank Park and Rec League - this time as 4th graders, and we ended up capturing our very first City Championship in the 3rd/4th Division in the 2008-2009 season. We finished 4th in the SCMAF Tournament - and that was our next step to our growth.

There were several 4th graders who could have been a part of the SCMAF Team, but instead were not a part of Burbanks League to be eligible. They approached me about continuing on and again playing in travel leagues and tournaments - so that is what we did next.

We played against 4th grade competition but also against some younger teams who would enter the 10U/4th division as well - at the time the lowest division offered locally. That is where we would find out next group of kids. A younger team, kids in 1st-3rd grade, that wanted to be a part of a program. 

We formed out of those younger kids, and our remaining older team - 2 summer league rosters and placed the kids in two leagues.

Our older team would suffer just 1 loss the entire summer and win both the Impact League and the Cali Heat Summer League. 

The following school year we fielded a team again into the 3rd/4th grade division with our new younger kids and again came out as champions. This is our group that is now 5 time league champions.

They have won the Burbank League as 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and now 7th Graders. But that is not why we are doing this. Annually we, if Burbank League Champs, get to go to the SCMAF Tournament and compete against the other cities parks and rec league champions and all-star teams. In this 2nd year, we as 3rd graders managed to finish in 3rd place in the 3rd/4th Division. 

When we returned a year later - we won the entire SCMAF Tournament! As first time winners - we did not know that there was then another tournament they place us into. Low and behold, we won that too! A DOUBLE SCMAF CHAMPIONSHIP!

The Burbank City Hall Honored us, the kids received recognition and certificates from the Mayor of Burbank and got coverage on local Burbank TV Channel 6!

Here is that teams current history to date in our community:
2009-2010 - Undefeated League, SCMAF Regional 3rd 
2010-2011- Undefeated League, SCMAF Regional and SCMAF So Cal Champions
2011-2012 - Undefeated League, SCMAF Regional Runner-Up
2012-2013 - Undefeated League, SCMAF Regional and SCMAF So Cal Champions
2013-2014 - League Champions - SCMAF Awaiting

in 2010-11 and 2012-13 as 4th and 6th Graders - they ran the table. Won the entire City League , entered SCMAF and won locally - then entered SCMAFs So Cal Championship and also won it! Unprecedented in this city.

Along the way, they have helped grow the Raptors into a tradition. After 2011 when they moved to the 5th/6th division - we have since each year continued our position of being the champions of the 3rd/4th division - and been sent to SCMAF each season. Last year in 2012-2013 while in 6th Grade - the growth went older and a group of 7th/8th Graders also achieved an undefeated season in Burbank before heading to SCMAF to compete.

In now the 6th year of doing this - we have sent a team each season in the 3rd/4th division to SCMAF

In now our current 7th Graders 5th season - this will be their 5th time going to SCMAF - and will be attempting their 3rd time at winning it.

For now the 2nd consecutive year - we have won the 3rd/4th, 5th/6th and the 7th/8th divisions in Burbank.

That is now 10 teams that we have sent to SCMAF in just a short amount of time

As you can see from reading - there is one group that deserves more recognition. The engine that has helped fuel the Raptors program's growth - is our current 7th Grade/ 13U group - that is responsible for half of those 10 SCMAF trips. As two time winners of Burbank - the city cannot help but wonder, cannot help but look ahead and cannot help but be excited for what these kids could do for the city and for its basketball future. 

In the entire West Coast - while dealing with teams and individual kids whom are repeating grades in school, getting "held back" so they are now a year (sometimes 2) older than our boys. The size and the strength of the game has been a constant obstacle. 

During this run locally and in the SCMAF - our teams have also constantly been in the mix at shoot-outs, in leagues, tournaments etc where they compete with teams from all walks of life. The entire West Coast during our existence has created a ranking system that ranks the teams, like NCAA College Basketball - allowing you to know more about your competition. Most of these teams are either stacked together with try-outs, with kids whom were held back in school - or teams that combine a few different programs and share kids to improve their chances. Many of these teams are also "sponsored" so they can invite any kid over and have them play at no cost - very tough to compete against that situation. 

We are currently Ranked #26 on the entire West Coast - and along the way have beaten several of the teams placed above us. We do not have kids repeating in school, being held back - nor do we stack our team with so called "talent". Instead we are basically home grown, we build up their skill and talent and go out there and compete. Out of the teams above us on this ranked "list" 

We are ranked 14th in California - and inside the top 10 when it comes to non stacked teams. 

On a list they consider the GOLD DIVISION - we are actually Ranked #1 Overall - placing us at 26th!

The wildest stat of all - not sure how aware the local coaches are about how talented and how hard working these kids are! 

Our growth from a single team - to now having 8U/2nd Grade - 14U/8th Graders - and now a girls team too - is something to take note of. It cannot and will not ever be as organized as the once a year Little League Baseball - AYSO Soccer - Pop Warner Footballs - it is not setup to be like that. But year round the kids compete, year round the kids work, year round the kids get better - and that is preparing them for ANYTHING that life could throw at them when they get older and become adults in this world!

The Raptors main mission is not these rankings - it is not wins and losses - nor is it recruiting a kid we think we should have or that would take away from an opportunity that we are already giving a child. Instead we are here to prepare our kids for the next step of their basketball. We are here to educate them on all facets of the game - get them ready to be able to compete -and make sure that they, when the time is right, can be placed into the right situation to succeed. 

That is beyond a basketball message - that is a life message - life lesson - because we know there is more to life than this basketball. But what a tool it is to prepare them!


11U-Black finishes runner-up at AVAC Hoyas Event - Next Level Sports Complex

here is an OLD photo of them - Taking it back!

Raptors Girls make debut at AVAC Hoyas Event - Went 2-2

11U-Black win at ACES MLK Tournament at MAP Sports Facility

9U Wins first ever tournament at Dominguez High School

13U-White wins End of Year Liftoff Tournament at Next Level Sports Complex

12U finishes as Runner-Up at End of Year Liftoff Tournament at Next Level Sports Complex

12U Wins Impact Fall League Championship

13U finishes as Runner-Up in Impact Fall League vs. 14Us

11U finishes as Runner-Up in Impact Fall League

13U-White wins debut tournament in Ventura

11U-Black finishes Runner-Up in Ventura 

10U-Black finish 3rd Place Bronze Medalists at the California State Games

11U and 12U-Red win Summer Showtime Tourney
10U-Red and 13U finish as Runner-up
4 teams enter, 4 teams win hardware.
The Raptors represented very well in Upland taking home 4 trophies

11U-Summer Showtime Champions 2013

12U-Red-Summer Showtime Champions 2013

Raptors 12U Teams Invade San Diego!
12U-Black wins tournament, 12U-Red Impresses
For the weekend of June 8-9 it was supposed to be all of our teams traveling to the State Games that are coming up in July.  It ended up being just the older kids who got to put in work on this weekend.  Both of our 12U teams traveled to SD and put on a SHOW!
12U-Red played the first game and experienced a team that would be at the center of attention for us the whole weekend.  Red competed in every one of its games, with 2 narrow defeats Saturday, before getting a win Sunday morning!
12U-Black had to wait an extra few hours before finally playing due to a scheduling error, but once they did they were impressive, scoring 83 in their first game to set the tone for the tournament. 

The weekend was capped off by a matchup between Raptors Black and Raptors Red!  It was a great exhibition of each kids talents and a chance to have a little fun before traveling home. 

Burbank Raptors Win 3 Impact Leag
ue Spring Divisions
On a weekend where all 6 of our teams who had entered the Impact League Playoffs, all teams had a chance at winning their respective divisions.  After a few games Saturday we had 5 of our 6 teams reach the Semi-Finals of their divisions, including the 11U and 13U.  Our 10U-Red reached the Silver Division Championship, 10U-Black reached the 10U-Division Championship and 12U-Black reached the 12U-Division Championship. 
All 3 teams emerged vict

10U-Red - Impact Spring League Champions - 2013

10u-Black & 12U-Black - Impact Spring League Champions

10U-Black and 12U-Black both finished the regular season and playoffs with an overall undefeated record!  10U-Red played games against 10U-Divison and 11U-Division teams during the regular season and it prepared them for the playoff run they made.  Having 3 games on Sunday all an hour apart the Red stole the show as they went 3-0 on the afternoon to earn their 1st Championship.
A great accomplishment and a fine representation of the Spring Season!

12U-Black travels to Las Vegas for the VEGAS ELITE INVITATIONAL

It wasn't summer quite yet, but the Burbank Raptors 6th graders traveled out to Las Vegas to compete in the Vegas Elite Invitational 2013.
In pool play the Raptors knocked off a familiar team whom it hadn't played since 11U season, SGV-Blue.  We came out strong and lead the game from start to finish with a 47-30 impressive win.  SGV was ranked #8 on the West Coast Elite Club Rankings, while we came in at #31.  Things are sure to be different now.
We would up reaching the Semi-Finals before losing.  A great showing and a good learning experience tournament.  Great summer preparation!

BURBANK RAPTORS 5th/6th SCMAF Team Captures Both the Regional and Open Division Championships for 2013!

The Raptors 5/6 Black and Red teams joined forces after their success in the Burbank League to compete against other cities All-Star teams for the SCMAF Regional and Open Championships.
After 2 weekends of games the Raptors went 7-0 with a Regional Championship win over Pasadena and an Open Championship vs. Inglewood

Click the link above for the full story!

Thank you to Emmanuel Church in Burbank
They have opened their doors to our teams development and training
We will represent you well

Burbank Raptors 3/4 - 5/6 and 7/8 Teams Sweep Local League
February 2013
The Burbank Raptors will be sending 3 teams to this years Southern California Municipal Athletic Federation Tournament (SCMAF)
3rd/4th Grade, 5th/6th Black and 7th/8th all finished the season undefeated.

  5th/6th Red also finished as Runner-Up.
The SCMAF Regional Tournament will be held from March 23rd-30th

2 Runner-Up Finishes in Ventura County for the Raptors
January 12th-13th 2013
Your Burbank Raptors 10U and 12U-Black team finished as Runner-Up this past weekend in the Conejo Quakes Winter Classic
It was their only losses of the weekend which happened to occur in Championship Games that got us our result. 
10U defeated Ventura Heat, Baseline 2 Baseline and Legion before losing in the Championship to Baseline to Baseline.
12U defeated Ventura Celtics and Ventura Heat before falling to the Kings Basketball Academy.  We've beaten them before, but they shot the lights out on this day.
There was some great competition over the weekend which also saw our 11U (Just 1 loss, but in Pool Play) and our 14U also competing (Took Kings Basketball Academy to Overtime).
Going to a tournament and leaving with a winning record is one thing - Next time we will try and walk away Champions!

November 28 2012

Red vs. Black Scrimmage 2012 - A Great Success! Who won? RAPTORS DID

12U-Black wins ARC FALL LEAGUE - Undefeated Champions!

The 12U completed the Fall League Double for our 12U Age Group!
The 12U-Black began their playoffs as the #1 overall seed after a win vs. the other unbeaten California Cobras the last weekend of the regular season.  We met the #8 seed ARC Vikings and came out with a 20 point victory onto the semi-finals and Championship weekend. 
The following Saturday was our semi-final vs the NGA Stars - a team that is arguably among the most athletic we've faced.  Early on the baskets got traded, but a tweak to the defense and extending our pressure helped open up a nice lead at halftime.  The Raptors are very comfortable playing from ahead, and we did a great job of controlling the lead in a 2nd half full of execution and great ball control.  A spot in the Championship had been earned!
Sunday November 18th the matchup was Raptors vs LA Rockets.  A team tall in size, and well coached.  
The implications of the game had some of our players bring their best stuff to the table.  We were blessed with an amazing game from Dennis on both ends of the floor and timely scoring from our other guards.  Tyrese and JJ were very tough for the Rockets guards to stay in front of and helped give us our lead by leading the fast breaks all game long.  Timely scoring by Jules and spot minutes of great ball handling and important baskets were given by Miles and Dylan.  Our bigs Carlos and Caleb really made it difficult for the size of the Rockets to do what they normally do. This was a team effort, and a great display of why they had the success they did this season.  The tournaments mixed in with ARC League play really prepared them for the task at hand and are directly contributed to how they were able to win this championship! 

12U-Red Wins RBS-League Championship!

After finishing the regular season with a 5-1 Record, the Red team found itself in its 3rd Championship of the Fall Season.  Not wanting things to 'come in 3s' the boys were determined 
to get the job done this time! 

The regular season we had seen a lot of different strategies and faced different styles of defense and teams quick or tall.  Our team had gotten into the style of out hustling teams and beating them back down the floor and forcing them to execute in the half-court.  That is arguably what won us a Championship over the West Valley Warriors!  
The game went back and forth from start to finish.  We just had to make a slight adjustment to their halfcourt style.  Once we realized what worked, we took advantage of our quicker size inside, and our sharp shooting.  Carlos and Jules were a part of our Red team this season and displayed styles on the floor that were often hard to stop.  Carlos' relentless effort working down low was often unmatched, and Jules scoring along with our other playmaker Bryce really were tough for defenses to stop.  Whether it was the ball handling and smart play of Mike, shots from Justin and Jack, hustle and intensity that Tanner brings, or the 2 man game of our twins, the 12U-Red's hard work to become a team this season was rewarded with this championship! 
Congratulations to our Red Team!

12U-Red Runner-Up and 10U 3rd at Glendale Friendship Games
Both teams had impressive runs at the annual Friendship Games in our neighboring city, Glendale.  Saturday each team found itself 2-0! 10U had victories over the Homentmen Pasadena Panthers and the Mustangs.  12U had a morning win over the San Pedro Knights 11/12U and returned in the evening to play a fun opponent the Pressure Basketball Club.  Great way to make the 6 hour break between games worth it with a comeback win over them!
Sunday morning was a Semi-Final early start.  Our 10U came up just short, as was its roster all weekend, coming up just short.  12U-Red played as the top seed and got a convincing victory to have them face Aftershock in the afternoon.  This is our 2nd championship appearance for the 12U-Red, so the loss has gotten them extremely hungry for a victory!

12U-BLACK Win 1st Tournament of Season in Style

September 29-30 2012
The 12U-Black took the floor at Washington High School in Los Angeles as part of the West Coast Elite 25 and Liftoff Basketball LA Hoop Showdown. 
Saturday in game 1 we played Game Time Elite to a 44-27 win. Great outside shooting by DL, Dennis & Miles.  
Great start to the game and we never looked back.
Game 2 of the day was vs. Showtime LA.  With great ball handling a pushing of the ball by Tyrese and our deep core of guards, we created easy opportunities and placed the other team in foul trouble both halves.  Great scoring from Justin, Caleb and Jules to pace us, 51-35! 
Sunday morning we had our final 2 games vs. the Westchester Ball Hogs where we enjoyed our largest margin with a final score of 50-27.  Our full court pressure gave us countless fastbreaks and lots of sharing of the ball.  
The fourth and final game of the weekend was against a Santa Clarita team, the SCV Playmakers.  We saved our best defensive effort for the game and treated it like the Championship that is was.  Great contributions of scoring and hustle by JJ and Dylan helped us hold them to their lowest point total all weekend. 41-19!
With a 4-0 Record the Burbank Raptors swept the weekend and were crowned Tournament Champions. 

 Thank you to West Coast Elite for making the stuff more fun for the kids.

10U & 12U-Red in Championships to start 2012-2013!

September 8-9 2012
The 10U and 12U-Red Raptors were the 1st to get a crack at a tournament championship for the Fall 2012 Season.
The 12U-Red came out strong sweeping their pool en route to a place in the Championship Sunday! These boys took advantage of opportunities to knock down clutch outside shots and never give up defensively winning two games from behind in the final minutes!
10U also came out ready and earned their way to a place in the Championship with a dominant Semi-Final performance early Sunday morning! 
10U faced a team who played an almost full 11U roster.  An unfortunate road block we had to deal with early in our season.  To only lose by 10 to full-court 11U pressure was arguably more impressive than any win we had all weekend.
12U-Red looked like the team to beat all weekend, but came across a hot shooting team in the Championship.  Like all their pool play games we again found ourselves playing catch-up from behind.  The comeback was just short and both teams took Runner-Up on week 1 of the NFL season.

9U - 10U - 11U end 2011-2012 Season Ranked!

To End the 2011-2012 Season there was recognition for our Burbank Raptors!
A new website that targets West Coast basketball for the youth from 2nd - 8th Grade has recognized the Burbank Raptors 9U 10U and 11U teams on it's final season rankings! 
The 9U finished the season ranked 16th - Having started the season only in the new year 2012, that is quite an accomplishment and shows their potential.  Had they started training in the summer and gotten the opportunity to play all Fall and Winter long, they could have made much more noise.  They gained experience by making their 1st entered tournament's Championship Game, as well as their participation in the ACES Coca-Cola Nationals and over the summer with a visit to Las Vegas.  
The 10U had a long season that started with a Fall League Championship in the Impact League.  Mixed in between that  schedule the Raptors also made it to the Glendale Friendship Games Championship where they took 2nd to a team that happend to be using older players.  Always a growing and humbling experience.  In the Winter they hosted and won the 1st Annual Christmas Clash @ our very own Powerhouse Gym.  It prompted a more strenuous tournament schedule moving forward to challenge the kids. They moved onto tournament play where they spent many weekends at the Next Level Sports Complex gathering experiences along the way.  They capped that off with a had a Spring visit to Las Vegas where they lost to eventual champion Vegas Elite, but gave them their toughest game of the weekend.  A rivalry ensued with Moore Game Elite in the Spring that included some great battles in Championship Games.  After a qualifier tournament for the California State Games, the Raptors won their hosted tournament in early July.  Having played in the Valleys, Orange County and in LA of California... the Raptors went to San Diego for the State Games of California.  The 3 day long tournament saw the Raptors enter Sunday undefeated.  The 10U finished the season the 4th place finisher at the California State Games and it was a memorable experience for the team that grew the most of any in our program in 2011-12!
The 11U team has been a part of the Raptors since the kids were 8U eligible.  That season of playing 9U (the only competition around) has always benefited them as they are regulars in tournament Semi-Finals and Championship games annually.  The Raptors also won the Impact League Fall Season and did so in dominating fashion.  During that Fall season the 11U traveled to Glendale, its neighbor city to defend their title at the Friendship Games.  They did so in dramatic fashion after a struggle in the Championship games 1st half, they overwhelmed the Aftershock whom had build a 1st half lead to win and defend their title from the year before!  Shortly after that wrapped up the Raptors sought out the top Winter tournament in the Valley the Cavs Winter Classic.  It was a great run with wins against SGV Blue and AVAC Hoyas before facing Vegas Elite in the Championship.  The Raptors came up just short but that was a great stage to see where we stood against some of the top programs around!  The following weekend the 11U also won the 1st Annual Christmas Clash @ Powerhouse as the host Raptors won the 10U, 11U and took 2nd in the 12U division!  The next Championship for the Raptors came in early March at the March Madness in Pasadena, CA.  The Raptors swept the competition and continued to stay hungry and in the gym for what was next.  Many of the 11U players take the challenge of playing up with their 12U and even 13U teammates.  It has  made this 11U group very tough to beat when they all take the floor together.  Our season and summer was capped off when the 11U traveled to Vegas and made it all the way to the Championship of the ARC West Coast National Championships.  What was great about the experience was that all teams were from out of state so it was all 1st time competition.  After beating teams from Texas, Arizona and Nevada we again faced Vegas Elite.  A 2nd place finish capped off the season and brings us to where we are for 2012-2013.. hungry for more!

"While I am not a huge fan of "RANKINGS" and don't want stuff like this to affect our approach to our kids, it is nice to be recognized and I realize that it is fun and something our kids can now look forward to" - Coach Andrew RIfe

10U Black Compete in California State Games

Story and Photos Coming soon...

9U, 11U Red & Black Visit Las Vegas

11U-Black reached Championship, Finish 2nd
9U finished 3rd place 
11U-Red's first out of state tournament experience
Great Job Raptors Family!

10U Raptors Players Host and Win their own tournament!

June 30th-July 1st 2012

The Raptors 10U Black and Red teams invited other programs out for a weekend of great basketball.  The Burbank Raptors Summer Showcase was setup to held send the teams to their upcoming tournaments to San Diego and Las Vegas as well as Palm Springs in the Fall!  The talent was undeniable and saw many close games as well as an OT which lead to a shift in the seedings leading into Sunday. The Raptors 10U Red was actually participating in their 1st tournament, so the experience alone was going to be great for them.  They had 2 tough results Saturday vs. teams that made it to the semi-finals and 3 of their games over the course of the weekend ended it narrow single digit losses.  They competed very well for not having played many games together!  
The 10U Black came out strong in their 1st game but did not shoot very well winning 37-30 against Glendale Aftershock.  The teams were then asked to play each other again in the afternoon and the game was much more competitive, and the tournaments lone OT game of the weekend.  The Aftershock got their revenge and earned the #1 seed in their pool.
Sunday was a new day, and the 10U Black kids came out with a much more focused defensive game which lead to confident offense, topping 50 points in all 3 of their Sunday games!  In the Quarter final they faced Crown City and used full court pressure to blow the game open and win by just over 30points.  In the Semi-Final it was more of the same on offense, but All City West could really play and had won both their Saturday games in blow-out fashion.  It was back and forth in the 1st half after ACW took an early lead, the score got tied up before the Raptors held a small lead before the half.  There was a fast up and down pace to the game as both groups were well coached in breaking full court pressure and the basket seemed to widen.  The final score in a shoot-out ended up Raptors 52-50. Easily the most exciting game of the tournament.  
Onto the finals, the Raptors were facing a familiar foe who they have met in the Impact League finals twice (1-1) and in several tournaments.  The Panthers, who defeated Aftershock were trying to play spoiler as the Raptors now had a chance to win their own tournament!  Lots of offense early say the score tied at 11 before the Raptors took a 16-11 lead and forced a timeout.  After 2 great plays the Panthers tied it at 16, but the rest of the half belonged to Burbank.  Scoring 13 straight points the Raptors held a 29-16 halftime lead and were looking to run away with the championship!
To start the 2nd half the Raptors came right down and hit a 3-pointer to double up the score 32-16 but 7 straight points from the Panthers kept it interesting for a brief time.  But it was too much fast tempo from Burbank and the outside shots kept falling.  In the Championship Game the Raptors were lead by 22 points from Xavier Davis, 13 from Ben Burnham, 12 from Bryce Whitaker and 8 from Alex Carlson.  Great defensive effort from the whole team lead by our anchor Janelle Martinez.  Final Score 55-37

12U Raptors place 2nd at All City West Invitational
June 16-17 2012

The 12U Raptors started off their summer by traveling down to Downtown Los Angeles for the All City West Summer Invitational.  The boys play a very good 1st game vs a tough opponent who applied constant pressure, Westchester Hogs.  In the end we battled off their late hot shooting when Khair Jackson hit a huge 3-pointer of his own.  We were getting great play from players 1-8 all weekend long including newcomers in their 1st tournament in Jacob and Carlos!  Saturdays 2nd game as a Finals preview as we came across tourney host ACW.  We did not get off to a good start and never recovered from the early score we trailed by.  It set us up for a early Sunday game to try and make it to a Semi-Final and then hopefully get a rematch against them! 
The morning game was forfeited so we met up against a team we have seem in past leagues the Wolverines.  They are well coached and are much bigger than all of our positions on the floor so defense was the key.  We got beat early on rebounds and the size was a factor, but we kept pushing the ball and using our speed and quickness to give us a chance.  
Lead by hot shooting from the outside by all of our guards the team banded together for a great man to man defensive display down the stretch to earn a spot in the championship!  ACW vs Raptors the 2nd time around was a LOT closer than Saturdays game and we came out the gate on fire shooting, building a lead we would take all the way into halftime and the 2nd half.  ACWs adjustment was to find their bigs and we did not have an answer once they put 2 of them in the game.  
We had a much better showing and based on how well we played in all the other games and that championship the boys were much deserving of their 2nd place finish!!

 Original 11U team, 10U as well as 9U all recognized as a Top Caliber opponent.  
The hard work of the Raptors has been well received.  Our 11U boys, our 10U group as well as our newest 9U team were all honored in the West Coast Elite's Top 25.  
All 3 are in the Top 21 in fact!
9U - 12th
10U - 19th 
11U - 21st

I am not in huge favor of rankings and think it brings an added pressure to a kid knowing of this, as well as affects how coaches handle their rosters, but it is great to see our kids get recognized the way they have!  Hard work pays off!

CONGRATULATIONS! Now let's keep working!

9U Travel to the 2012 version of the ACES Coca Cola Nationals
Not one, but two 1-point losses on a single day were huge learning lessons to the 9U Raptors.  Playing 3 games in 1 day you could call it a basketball marathon.  Proud of the kids and the way they competed against a loaded field!

California State Games Qualifier: 10U Bounces back from Memorial Tournament to go 3-1 and qualify for the State Games held in July in San Diego!
*The 10U swept their pool play and in doing so qualified for the CSG 2012 - They will be ready to go make some noise later this summer!

MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND TOURNAMENT: 11U Red Gains Tournament Experience @ Next Level Sports Complex - 10U Learns a lesson - 9U Again takes 2nd!

* 11U Red faced stellar competition all weekend against programs like Jr Hoops and SBYS.  The boys will learn from the experience as it took those teams best punch to put them away.
*10U entered Sunday bracket play ready to make a run at a Championship, but looked ahead and blew a double dight 2nd half lead. A learning Experience
*9U in just their 2nd Tournament again reach Championship. The 9s who beat all opponents Saturday lost their Sunday rematch the was unfortunatley the Championship Game. Hopefully soon will field a full roster for a tournament and see what they're really made of!

9U Competes in 1st Tournament - Takes Runner-Up!
*The 9s 1st Tournament had competitive games vs. Corona Lakers, Irvine Lakers as well as Las Vegas Elite.  In the Championship the Raptors came up just short vs. a team we will see again and again down the road, LV Elite.

10U Travels to Las Vegas for the Vegas Elite Invitational
*Took 2nd in their division...held Champion LV Elite to it's lowest margin of victory.  The 10U had a decent showing in their 1st out of state tournament! They showed they belong and will undoubtedly be back at next years event to try and win it all!

11s sweep Tournament, 12s take 2nd

March 4th, 2012

The Raptors traveled locally to Pasadena, CA for an event @ Muir, Blair & La Salle High Schools.

The result for the 11U was a 4-0 weekend in which we performed quite well on defense.  It was not the smoothest of weekends on Offense but that is why you play D.  Great job by all of the boys who came out!  Our 12U lost the Championship by point differential, teaching them in the future to put away opponents, and to remember to maintain your lead!

10U into IMPACT League Championship
For the 2nd straight Season, our 10s are in the Impact Title Game!  It is a rematch from last season and our team is looking forward to defending their title!  Stay tuned!
11AM @ Golden Valley - March 11th

Raptors program takes 2 local titles

February 15th 2012
The Burbank Raptors local resident players once again were a part of the City's Park & Recreation League for the 2011-2012 Season. This year we fielded teams 3 teams in 2 different divisions (24 players in all).
The 3rd/4th Grade Division team finished their season undefeated as well as our 5th/6th Grade Divison Raptors "Black".  Black's 3rd consecutive season doing so.  Black will defend it's SCMAF Title's from 2011 (Regional & State).  The 3rd/4th will look to follow in their footsteps.  Also noted our 5th/6th Grade team also took 3rd in league play.
The Raptors have gone to SCMAF the last 4 seasons, sending 2 teams for the 1st time this year!
Great job to all of our players who participated this season!  But it's not over yet!

Raptors 13U Group Win Viewpoint School Tourney

January 2012

After a 3-0 Weekend in Calabasas CA @ Viewpoint High School the Raptors and Climate Storm programs realize that hard work pays off. Coming together was a 
seamless transition as the group looked solid, yet the coaches always consider it a work in progress and are never satisfied!
With victories over Private School programs, Viewpoint Patriots, Campbell Hall Vikings and Crepsi Celts these kids got the attention of many!  

Great work by Arman 2X, Justin, DL, Isaac, Tyrese, Rocky, Leo, Jawan and Trent!

11U Finish 2nd @ Cavs Holiday Classic

December 4th 2011

As the Raptors entered the weekend there were plenty of deserving teams and programs that could win this Tournament.  
Right off the bat we faced an SGV team who had traveled to AAU Nationals the year before.  A back and forth game had a bad call down the stretch which forced us into overtime and a sudden death situation despite our late lead in regulation.  It ended on a buzzer beater in regulation and a  "next team to score wins" layup by DL Banks which gave us the win!  
Through the rest of the tournament the Raptors played GREAT basketball and ended up in the Championship of the Tournament vs Las Vegas Elite.  It was a great game to watch and to be a part of but eventually we fell by 8 points to one of the top rated teams for 11U.
It was a great showing by our boys and really grabbed a lot of deserved attention for the team.

Also occuring in the CAVS Holiday classic, our 10U took the Consolation Championship after a tough set of Saturday games. 

Impact Fall League Champions

November 20th 2011

After a 2 month regular season and a weekend of Semi-Final games, the Burbank Raptors earned their way to the Championship Game of the 10U and 11U Divisions. 

Facing their stiffest competition from the regular season, the Raptors came in looking to remaining undefeated at 10U and to avenge their only loss at 11U.  

The games were bright and early on Sunday November 20th and the morning cold and rain affected the 10U early falling behind 4-0 to the Panthers in their 9am start time.  But before halftime the continued attack of fast breaks, timely shooting and pressure defense helped build a 7 point lead.

The 2nd half was completely controlled by our constant pressure full-court defense and added focus on rebounding and pushing the tempo.  We forced many jump shots that helped us run and get most of our scoring at the rim on fast break attacks.  The 10U build a lead as high as 14 points before holding onto a 38-26 victory!  The 10U finished with a 9-0 undefeated record!

10U - Impact Fall League 2011 Champions

Next at 10am was the 11U Championship.  The Raptors were facing the only team to beat them during the regular season, Impact Sc.  

Knowing a better defensive approach was needed, we picked up man to man and came out the more agressive team.  We jumped out the gates to an early 5 point lead forcing Impact into a timeout.  

After the timeout it was time to attack the basket and look to run on any missed shots.  Our boxing out and players getting to the rim on offense helped get us into the bonus and get 2 key players into foul trouble for Impact.  Continuing to be aggressive we built a lead as high as 14 points, finishing the half with the score 24-12.

We started the 2nd half facing a 2-3 zone, but had to remain aggressive on offense as that is one of our strengths.  A series of on ball screens, good spacing and knocking down open shots helped build our lead up to 20 points before the opponent could adjust.  

Looking to close out the game our team had to learn how to play with a lead, and how to manage a clock while playing against full court pressure.  We fell victim to rushing our tempo and not remaining patient and allowed the game to creep back into single digits late.  

The 11U hung on for a 45-38 victory and finished their season 8-1 and Champions of the Impact Fall League!

11U - Impact Fall League 2011 Champions

10U - 38-26 WIN - Undefeated! (9-0)

11U - 45-38 WIN (8-1)

12U - Finished season with a Semi-Final appearance! (7-2)


October 22nd-23rd 2011

    The Burbank Raptors Returned to the Glendale Friendship Games a year later as a much larger and stronger program.  We not only had double the amount of teams entered from the year before, but we set a record as a program for games played in a weekend (totaling 16).

Achieving Runner-Up with 3-2 and 2-2 Records Respectivley were our 12U and 10U Raptors!  Great Showing's and with a little more gas left in the tank could have won it all!

Raptors 12U & 10U Teams @ Glendale Friendship Games

Not to be forgotten our 9U Raptors took part in their 1st tournament.  They had a 1 day slate of 3 games and at times looked like champions!  With a little more work they could be just that!  They found success in their 2nd game getting their 1st Win as a team! Finishing the tournament with a 1-2 Record.  It is just the beginning!

Arguably the most fun team to watch all weekend, were the 11U Raptors.  They posted a perfect record of 4-0 and won all games by double digit scores.  They worked very well as a team on the many fast breaks they created off of their great pressure defense.  When they built a lead they maintained it with great half court pressure and held opponents to their lowest scores of the tournament in all of their games played.  

11U Raptors - 2011 Friendship Games Champions

All in all this was an OUTSTANDING weekend for the program!  The kids on our Runner-Up teams are hungry after their Championship Game losses and have already been working towards the improvements they feel they need to make and have been asking at practice for Rematches against who beat them!  You have to love that fire!

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